Van Power Inverters

Power Inverters for Commercial Vans

Reliable Van Power Inverters

Not only is your van your workshop on wheels, it can power-up your power tools in a pinch when there’s no other source for electricity – if it has a power inverter.

A power inverter changes DC power from a battery into conventional AC power that you can use to operate all kinds of devices including electronics, appliances, and power tools. Connect the inverter to a battery, plug your AC devices into the inverter, and you've got portable power whenever and wherever you need it!

But not all power inverters are created equal. On the jobsite, you need one that’s both rugged and reliable. A&K Equipment proudly offers inverters from Magnum-Dimensions and Thor, the leading names in power inverters for the trades. If you’re looking for a power inverter that delivers peak performance every time – even in the challenging conditions of the NJ, NY, and PA areas – talk with an A&K expert today!

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