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Durable Truck Tarp Systems

What’s in your payload? Laws on covering your payload vary from state to state, but if what you’re carrying can leak, blow, or spill onto the roadway, you need a tarp. So which one should you choose? In part, that depends on what’s in your truck bed.

If you have heaped loads or haul construction debris or irregular material, your best choice is most likely an arm system or a flip-type system. Otherwise, you’ll run the risk of your payload tearing your tarp. But for dirt or “flat” payloads, a pull-out system will should be sufficient.

Whichever type you choose, don’t skimp on quality. A durable tarp can last for years – in the long run, you’ll save money buying a single, higher-quality tarp over multiple inexpensive ones. A&K Equipment serves the NJ, NY, and PA areas and carries top-quality tarps from:

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Speak with an A&K professional to find out which tarp is best for you!