Single Grip Lock Ladder Rack, Black, ProMaster City

Product #: 61-PMC

Fits RAM ProMaster City

Lightweight, Grip-Lock Ladder Racks for the RAM ProMaster City feature:

  • Heavy-duty actuating arm that firmly grips the ladder rungs to prevent shifting of the ladder on the rack.
  • A gripping mechanism that is lockable.
  • Composite extrusions on the front and rear crossbows and uprights that help protect ladders. 
  • Ladder rung grips are easily adjusted to accommodate different types of ladders.
  • A lightweight, all-aluminum design with a natural finish. No-drill installation!
  • There are no straps to deal with. The clamping of the ladder is automatic. 
  • Accommodates up to a 24 ft. extension ladder or up to a 12 ft step ladder.
  • Capacity of 1 ladder.
  • Order a 1BPMCGL to carry a 6 ft. ladder. 
  • Measures 62"W, 85"D, 8"H